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Symptoms Questionnaire

The symptoms of liver disease are often not obvious. Symptoms can be non-specific such as tiredness, a general feeling of being unwell and mild weight loss. As these may also be present for many reasons, liver disease can be overlooked, especially in its early stages.

Below is a list of symptoms associated with liver problems. If you feel you have any number of these symptoms, you may wish to see your doctor. If your symptoms are associated with a liver problem, Essentiale® may be appropriate for you.

Do you have:

[   ] Acne, blemishes hives or itchy skin?

[   ] Discolouration in eyes (particularly yellowish blips)?

[   ] Haemorrhoids or varicose veins?

[   ] Hormonal imbalances (PMS, menstrual or menopausal concerns)

[   ] Heat in upper body such as warm face or hot eyes?

[   ] Light coloured stools?

[   ] Gas, bloating, nausea, especially after eating fatty foods?

[   ] Difficulty digesting fats?

[   ] Tiredness or sleepiness after eating?

[   ] Weak tendons, ligaments or muscles?

[   ] Mild frontal headaches?

[   ] Tendency to loss of appetite or other eating disorder?

[   ] Weight gain, or difficulty controlling your weight?

[   ] Tendency to wake around 1am to 3am?

[   ] Pain under right shoulder blade?

[   ] Outbursts of anger, irritability or rage?

[   ] Depression that isn't necessarily related to life events?

[   ] High bilirubin levels?

[   ] Elevated liver enzymes (SGOT, SGPT)?

* Disclaimer: This questionnaire is not a replacement for a medical check-up and is not intended to diagnose any type of liver disease.