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Self Assessment

You may have asked yourself, "What does liver disease have to do with me?" Just because you don't smoke, don't drink alcoholic drinks or don't eat unhygienic seafood doesn't mean that your liver is healthy and normal. There are many factors that affect liver health. A busy lifestyle without enough leisure time to de-stress, lack of sleep and exercise can eventually damage the liver.

Take the liver health check below and find out whether you belong to this high risk group. This assessment can't give you a diagnosis of liver damage, but it can help you evaluate your risk, so you can seek treatment if necessary.


Do you have these problems or illnesses?

[   ] Obesity (Body Mass Index or BMI (mass kg/height m2 ) of 25 or above, especially those with abdominal obesity, i.e men with waist measurement above 35 inches or women with waist measurement above 31 inches) Yes No
[   ] Diabetes Yes No
[   ] High blood pressure / cholesterol Yes No
[   ] Habitual drinker Yes No
[   ] Overwork, lack of rest (Works more than 10 hours, sleeps less than 6 hours daily) Yes No
[   ] Hepatitis virus carrier Yes No
[   ] Mother/spouse is a hepatitis virus carrier Yes No