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Tips on liver care

Your liver takes care of your overall health, but it also depends on you to take care of it so that it can do its job properly. However, it seldom complains when it is injured…until the damage has reached an advanced stage. So it needs your help every day to keep it healthy.

Eat right.

Eat a balanced diet rich in different types of vegetables, fruits and proteins. Avoid excess fats and carbohydrates as they can cause fat deposits in the liver. Eat smaller meals as they are easier to digest and are less of a burden to the liver.

Mind the alcohol.

Drink moderately or stop altogether. This covers beer, wine, cocktails, champagne and liquor in any other form.

Do not abuse drugs.

Even seemingly harmless medicines can damage the liver. Follow your doctor's prescribed treatment strictly. Do not indulge in recreational drugs.

Avoid environmental pollutants

When using insecticides, mildew sprays or spray paints, make sure the room is well-ventilated, or wear a suitable mask.

Beware of herbal supplements

Be careful what you take. Not everything "natural" is safe. Some herbal remedies are reported to cause liver toxicities.

Observe practices that lessen the risk of infection to the liver.

Wash your hands properly after using the toilet and before eating, practice safe sex and consider vaccination for viral hepatitis.

Stay active.

Exercise regularly to increase muscle mass and reduce body fat. There is good evidence that gradual weight loss coupled with increased exercise will also reduce the fat deposits in the liver.

De-stress regularly.

Make time for hobbies, meditation, tai chi, yoga or whatever that helps you relax and unwind. The less stress on you, the less stress on your liver.

Consult your doctor if you have concerns about your liver health. Take Essentiale® as directed.

Essentiale® contains 300mg of Essential Phospholipids (EPLs) that work by restoring normal cell membrane* to help support vital functions of the liver.

* As shown in experimentally induced-liver cell damage